Monday, March 1, 2010

I am a grandma + and the Latern Show

No kidding, I have become a grandmother.  Or precisely, a grand aunt.  In Taiwanese, "grand teacher."

Students from my early teaching career are those that I miss most.  They are very respectful.  There is an old Chinese saying for "once a teacher, a life-time father (parent)."  One of my former students have become a father, for the fourth time.  I met one of his daughters yesterday and she called me "teacher-grandma (grand teacher."  The girl, at two, was so darling.  She recited four Chinese poems to me. 

It was a funny feeling to be a grandmother!

And nothing related to the above...I want to share the latern show from the latern fest.


  1. Yes, I understand. I have mentored students of former students of mine...ya feel old when it happens. Not sure wearing red would make me feel old, however. Nice earrings. Enjoy the week.

  2. Don't know who you are but thanks for the comment.

  3. What is a LAtern? Is it an intern from LA?

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