Saturday, February 27, 2010

The last day of the new year

The Latern Festival signifies the last day of the new year.  Although not a big fan of this type of event, I tagged along anyway and rubbed shoulders with millions of people.  It was somewhat summer like today-very humid and I could tell that my body did not like the heat.  The dreadful summer will soon be here and I am not prepared for it yet.

If I can wish upon the laterns, I wish for no more earthquakes and disasters, for people to be more forgiving with one another, and for love to heal the wounds of all kinds. 

God bless Taiwan and all.


  1. happy new year to you my friend, unfortunately your wish was not granted. Get to high ground, there are tsunami waves heading your way from the huge quake in Chile.

  2. I know, Jeff, and feeling powerless in not being able to do anything for any of these. I still hope for all of these to stop somehow even if it is a punishment from the above.