Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Remembering the girl from Edmonton

I was surfing the net for Alberta Ministry of Education and all of a sudden I remembered this girl. 

She was probably a college or high school student and was from Edmonton, Canada.  We ran into each other at the Detroit International Airport.  Obviously due to the storm both of our connecting flights were delayed.  I was going to Philadelphia for my graduate school, and she was going home to Edmonton.  My fatigue from the international flights was overcome by my excitement to be on the soil of the United States of America, a country I dreamed to flee to since when I was a teenager.  And seeing snow for the very first time, on Christmas Eve (don't ask me why I travaled on a day like that) was even more exciting.  The Americans were friendly and I talked to a lot of people on my shuttle from the plane to the terminal.  I still remember one of the conversations:
Me: Hi, how are you?  It is my first time in the States.
A middle aged woman: Oh, is that nice!  Welcome to America.
Me: Thanks. 

Hey, someone actually welcomed me to America.  Well, back to the Edmonton girl.  She was obviouly very scared to travel by herself and was worried about not being able to go home.  I did not worry.  Like I said, I was too excited to be worried.  Oh, back then, I had a fearless soul.  The girl begged me not to leave her alone so I promised I would keep her company.  We walked around in the airport, chatting and waiting, waiting and chatting.  Then we boarded our connecting flights.

From then on, I thought about this gril when I heard or read something about Edmonton.  It is weird how a distanct memory can linger around for so long.

Now, I am going to email the Ministry of Education in Alberta and hope someone would reply.

Wish me lots of luck.  I can use it now.