Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Yikes I am deteriorating

My back hurts! Seriously. The dreadful four hours' of non-stop lecturing and monitoring class activities exhausted me. Tomorrow I am doing this all over again. No it is even worse. It will be classes all morning and a night class for two hours. I am not feeling well and never has this happened before. What's wrong with me? Is age finally having an effect on me? How depressing..I've finally become one of them. Oh my gosh! What else could have gone wrong with my health beside the minor problems that I know of? Was it exacerbated by sitting in front of the computer for the last couple of months? I don't know but I want to get well.

I have this desire of running away right now, just to put all these behind me. I had always fought to get myself to places-I was a warrior, but maybe that didn't help to make it to the point of ultimate happiness. I am just too tired to do that all over again. I want to plan a vacation but I am just tired. My anxiety is back-or it has never left. God I wish it disappears right now. Why can't I make myself happy?


  1. So sorry to hear you're not feeling well! Keep fighting, mighty warrior!
    Faith fights!!!

  2. You are sweet, Jules. I am glad to see you on eblogger. Keep it up!!

    And, I think I'll plan a short get-away to have a change of scenes. Thanks, sweetie.

  3. Know how you feel. Been on the edge of what Im able to do in my new job these last few weeks.
    Forget about the age it has nothing to do with you feel. Why ? because you are young :) The problem is that you demand so much from yourself, and use all your energy on your work. I have my own philosophy on these tings. You have the want to do things, and you have the have to do things. If you have a + on the have to do things over a long period of time, you are sure to feel exhausted.
    What should you do ? I can sugest one ting. Take a long walk, really use some strength on it. It will move the tiredness from your head to your body, and you sure will feel much better. I use my skies to clean out my head.
    Put out your hands I take them and share the energy I got from my trip today with you :)
    Hope fore some pics tomorrow even if the forecast says bad weather. Get some good captures I send them to you :)

  4. Yes, I feel the energy now from the ski trip. Thank you dear Bern. Your pictures are godsent to me because they are just so breath-taking.

    I love walking but doing this on the airpolluted streets of Taiwan can smother rather than energize me. You've made an excellent point though. Hugs to you my friend and thanks for the useful advice.

  5. Don't deteriorate.....we have pictures to take!

  6. Calm down, Lori! Come on. You could just stay sat down in front of a computer typing and typing and updating systems, not to mention sat down in the wrong way. That's how it is in my new job. 6 hours straigh sat down typing, typing... My body will get used to stay bounded to the right and my head to the left. My neck hurts too.

    See? It could be worse. Keep that in mind! :D

  7. Steve, yes, I get your point. Amanda, why do people have to be forced to do things that they hate. I think we perpetuate the vicious cycles, don't we sometimes?