Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend get-away

I visited Kuala Lumper, Malaysia over the weekend and got together with my friend Marcus whom I haven't met for over 16 years. Marcus is one of those people who tries to keep in touch with friends no matter how far they are. My family or I received new year's wishes from him all the time whether I was abroad or in town. I am a people person but I also moved a lot over the last decade. We all know that when we moved, old friends tend to drift away sometimes. I really admire Marcus' effort for keeping in touch with me.

It was nice to experience a bit of the multiculturalism of Malaysia and listen to stories of the Chinese Malaysians. Met a few interesting people of various cultural backgrounds, and I think I'll drop them a note to say hello.

I wish I can take a year off to do some soul searching and overseas traveling. But then I feel insecure to abandom a steady income by quitting a job that is not so satisfying anyway. Getting away is nice at times but returning to the boring routines is a pain after the stimulation. But to think about it, I need to give myself permissions to be out of the ordinary and be wild. After all, life is short and unpredictable. We may have the whole life time to hesitate but then it may not be as long as we have in mind.


  1. You should take some time off and do some soul-searching! I wish I can join you! I think you'll always regret it when you get older and wished that you had!

  2. It is really not difficult to put it into action. How difficult can it be to leave a job? It all comes down to giving myself permission to do so. There are possibilities in life.

    And why don't you join me, Julia? Maybe Beliz first?

  3. Ooo Belize... I've heard all good things about it!

  4. Island vacations are the best. Imagine you do nothing other than relaxing and fishing.. well maybe not fishing. I've never caught one anyway.