Thursday, January 21, 2010

Collecting friends

Cool friends in the U.A.E.
I will never forget how exciting it was to meet people that shared part of my life in the UAE and befriended me so much. 

Friends who offered to listen to me, check on me when I was not so happy.

Friends that I met unexpectedly in the weirest circumstances; and those who opened up themselves to show unconditional support to me.  I may not see them again for a long time, but the memories will remain freshly endearing in my heart. 


  1. Looks like you met a whole range of interesting people! Are you back in Taiwan now?

  2. Martin, long time no talk. Looks like things are falling into places for you in the UK. Yes I am in Taiwan for now. What is going on with your vox page? I can't see the images, nor can I leave a comment? Happy New Year Martin.

  3. 看來您似乎在國外交到許多的好朋友喔!原來您在台灣啊!有空來台中坐坐....。

  4. 對阿 很好玩 有空會上台中玩

  5. Dear Dr. Teng,

    I'm Christopher who graduated from CTUST, AL5A. Long time no see. Wow, U travelled U.A.E. It sounds so surprised for me. We miss U so much. We really thx U to taught us about Speech and Communication course. Happy winter vacation!

    by Chris

  6. Hi, Chris, so good to hear from you and how did you find me here? The power of the internet! I have great memories with your class and remember the faces very well. You, of course, impressed me with your great performance and help. Nothing excites me better than knowing that I probably have helped some young minds. I am very proud of you and you make me smile. Hope I wasn't too strict of an instructor. I miss you too.

    Have a good winter break too. My students in the UAE were keen to try an online cross cultural project with students in Taiwan. These are career counselors in training.

    Keep it up and hope to hear from you again, Chris. Thank you for leaving a comment for me.

  7. Yes Lori, things are slowly, very slowly, starting to fall into place in the UK. I am not sure what's up with VOX, but thanks for dropping by.

    I am really enjoying seeing the part of the world you are in now through your eyes. Must be a fascinating place.

  8. Things will always work out so not to worry, Martin. I have faith in you. Most importantly your happiness should direct you to whatever you decide. Thank you very much for visiting my page. It is an interesting place and opened up my eyes. Keep up the posts with your art page and vox. I will continue to visit and comment.