Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time for some photos

These were taken on the first day I arrived at the new staff orientation.  It was the second week of August and I sneaked out to take photos.  My friends thought I was crazy to go out in the brazing heat doing this. 

The Taiwanese flag is included in the disply.  Rare but exciting.   


  1. How exciting to be in a whole new place. Hope things are going well for you there!

  2. 嘿老師好:

  3. Hi, Martin, and Konrad, life is busy here. I will try to post photos whenever I can. Yes, Konrad, of course you can keep in touch with me. A pleasure to hear from you as always. Martin, how's life in the UK and Konrad how's grad school?

  4. Dear MW,
    How are things?
    This is Venus from CTUST wishing everything well for you in Duby : )

  5. Hi back to you Venus. I've set out to experience as much as I can for life. Hope for you to do the same as well. Keep me posted!