Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I strongly suggest suspending all traveling plans if you can. Think about the viruses you may contract in airplane cabins and the number of people you are likely to get this deadly virus from just by being in the airports.

Keep exercising and keep the immune system strong. And if you can, keep the stress level down to the lowest as possible as stresses are the number killer of our immune system.

According to BBC News Channel, the confirmed cases are as follows as of April 28, 2009:

Mexico: 152 suspected deaths from flu - 20 confirmed cases
US: 50 confirmed cases
Canada: 6 confirmed cases
New Zealand - 3 confirmed cases
UK - 2 confirmed cases
Spain: 2 confirmed cases
Israel - 1 confirmed case
Countries with suspected cases: Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Australia, and South Korea, and seven EU states

This is very scary, people. I hope we can all escape this epidemic. We are indeed powerless as human beings. Everyone, please take care.


  1. I don't know Lori, I don't think people are factoring the risks properly if they allow them to alter travel plans like you suggest.

    If I'm not going to travel because of this flu, then I'd better not step outside my house and drive anywhere since about 40,000 people a year are killed in the US in highway accidents.

    I think that people who take care of themselves, are healthy and are careful when they travel (drink lots of water so you sinuses don't dry out, etc) can travel with no problems.

    My boss is preparing for a trip to Argentina next week. He debated canceling but decided to do the trip largely for the reasons above.

  2. I just wish to stay cautious and it seems the best way to protect ourselves from this scary outbreaking virus is to stay away from publicly confined space. Of course dangers are among our living space and are unpredictable; but in my humble opinion, I think it is crucial to take this threat seriously.

    They are reporting suspected cases in Japan and Taiwan, and I hope none of them will be confirmed.

  3. I hope none are confimed in Taiwan or Japan either...or Korea since am heading there...I think this will be more difficult to contain than SARS.

  4. Make sure you cover up your mouth and perhaps nose for most of the time in the airplane. I know you have prior commitments to these talks and I wish they would consider an online meeting instead.

    This is a very serious outbreak and worse than SARS or the bird flu. God spares us all.