Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The story of a spoon

I got the tea spoon when I came home for a visit from California many years ago. It was only 10 NT each from a market stand and I was delighted to buy four of them. The stand has long been gone and I couldn't find these anymore. I remember inviting the ladies to a lunch and tea party and my friends Renee and Linda adored them.

They got bent in the dishwasher and one was lost somewhere- Probably was beaten up in my old dishwasher.

These are traveling spoons and they are meant to travel again. I am taking them with me to my new destination.


  1. I wish my eldest sister can stay with me in Taiwan and find her true happiness, I also pray to my Guru and Holiness Garmaba to make her all wishes come ture.
    By the way, I failed on enroll students, ha~

  2. Thanks, Nate. I tried to fit in Taiwan and it will always be Taiwan for me. Thanks for your prayers and support. Starting a business is always hard in the beginning. I understand you are trying hard. Please let me know if I can be of any help.