Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another summer outing

I am in my summer slumber here so am not motivated to do a lot other than vegetating in the air-conditioned room. Ooh, the electricity bills will be scary to look at later. Here are some photos I took on a day trip to southern Taiwan. As there is an increasing southeast Asian population here from immigration (and mostly through marriage), we found that there was actually a place called "Vietmese village" in a little town in Tainan. We bought some dried pho, a can of coffee that was super sweet from the little shop. I tried to practice some of my Vietmese with the store clerks but all of them spoke Taiwanese to me.

And here is my voice greeting to you all for a great summer ahead!


  1. I wanna know where this place is!

    By the way, your English pronunciation is awesome!!! If I didn't know you were Taiwanese, I would never have guessed. . . .you are Taiwanese, right?

  2. Hi, Amanda in Kaohsiung. How's the summer treating you in southern Taiwan? Tried to leave a message for you on your blog but somehow it kicked me out because I forgot to sign in.

    This tiny town's name is Bai-he or 白河 the White River if translated literally. It is famous for lotus flowers. Tis the season now. I would say it is about 45 minutes away from the city of Tainan. Tainan itself has a lot of cultural sites and temples that you can visit.

    Yes, I am Taiwanese. May have some Japanese blood if I traced back the family tree. There is a suspicion in the family that we have some aboriginal and Portugese heritages as well.

  3. You've indiced me again with the picture of the delicious peaches! Hope you are really enjoying some time off this summer, MW!!

  4. Quite an interesting picture there, the one you title "which way to read this"

    And I'm not talking about the sign. :)

  5. I know, MIT, aren't they scrumptuous looking?

    Jeff, I am glad you like that piece of art.