Thursday, June 28, 2007

What's in store for me?

I was so far away from home for a long time and after a while home started calling me. I tried to deny it but when every vacation was made for homecoming, and when I was always the missing piece in a family puzzle, I thought of returning. I am so glad that I did. Now I can see my folks whenever I can and spend time with them. I don't have any regrets anymore in not seeing how fast my niece and nephew are growing up.

I don't interact with Taiwan and I don't think I'll genuinely like it for what it is. But I cherish the moments I share with my family for fear that one day I may leave again. I used to feel guilty about not being closer to them and I think I will be torn unless there is a compelling reason to justify my going away. I am not young anymore and as the days go by, my adventurous spirit dwindles, and I just don't know what to do with that. I wish there is a simple answer out there.


  1. I can sympathize with your predicament because I am in a similar one myself: I am not sure where the best place to be is. Family is an important consideration, but so is the environment. I think you should do what feels best for you, and not what feels best for your family though.

  2. Yes, well, the time with family is good today. Enjoy today then. BUT, do not lose the adventurous spirit. That is something you take with you wherever you go--to Taiwan, US, Canada, Spain, Japan, wherever. People need that sense of adventure.

    Check out Explorer's Web, The, Mount Etc. These are cool adventure blogging spots. Like from Mark Fennell, Ben Sanders, etc.

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  3. Martin, I hear you from your blog entries, and I remember echoing your thoughts. I guess it is always hard when it comes to making decisions. Weighing the pros and cons can sometimes take some pondering. Thanks for the support.

    Curt, thanks for the uplifting thought and I think you reinforce what I can do with my little voice inside. I just need to pace up with myself and know that life is not infinite and I could embrace it as much as I can. Thanks for recommending these sites.

  4. You must live your life as if you were commissioned to write a book about life as an adventure. What would your book have to say that people would want to read about? Better yet, what would you want to read about? What would excite you in such a book? If you know, then live it. If you do not know, then discover it. If you do not want to know, then put down your adventures in a private blog and when you want to reveal them, then you do so then...or read other people's adventures and become inspired. But maybe life is not about doing for the sake of doing or reading about someone else just to be inspired...maybe life is about doing because one has chosen to do or reading because one has chosen to read. Life is life. Push on and enjoy it.

  5. I agree with Curt. Just because you might be staying in Taiwan a while does not mean there are no adventures left to be had.

    See what you can on Taiwan and make sure to visit someplace new as often as you can. There are still many places pretty close to home that I have not visited yet I am sure the same is true for you.

  6. MW, where did you go? Once again, you made my mouth water! Mom had fun looking at your pictures. She said your dad looked young!

  7. Curt, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to trade lives with you. You have so much energy and you keep yourself going all the time. You seem to have no worries either. What a nice way to live. I can only try to look up to that but I'll never be totally like you.

    Jeff, while I don't know what the future holds for me and even though it is somewhat depressing to think that I may end up here for the rest of my life, I am trying to explore the place a bit. However, most of the time these places don't impress me that much. I am making up for the time lost with family and try to enjoy their company.

    MIT, which picture were you looking at that made your mouth water again?? The snail? Ha ha. I am glad that you showed mom my photos and that she had fun looking at them. Your mother is a very beautiful lady and she doesn't look her age either. I remember the first time I met her, I was immediately attracted to her bubbly personality. We clicked right away. And she is a great cook. I know you are too!! Say hello to mom please.

    Thank you my friends, for your kind thoughts.

  8. thx for yr comment before, just reference it if it is useful. Thanks you for your appreciation.