Sunday, February 11, 2007

Small world

I was dining with my family at Saturday noon, and found this interesting lady taking photos of us with her new camera. So we posed for her. Her name was Lynn. I went up to introduce myself, left my card with her and asked for copies of the pictures. There were three of them visiting from South Carolina, U.S.A., and after our brief conversation, Lynn's husband asked if I were married and that he would like his son who lived in San Diego to have a cup of tea with me so that I could counsel him. He cracked me up. It was just so funny!

Then my sister found out that their local host worked at the same university where her former roomate did.

Lynn's husband's mother was born in Pennsylvania, where I lived in the early 90s for more than two years.

What can I say other than that it is a small world (they said the same too), and we never know who we will run into in the next minute of our lives.

I was in a good mood for the rest of the day. Meeting interesting people always cheers me up; and I simply couldn't take my eyes off Lynn's fancy Sony camera.


  1. I'd feel very embarrassed with someone taking pictures of me. That invitation of her husband was almost like he was saying "Please, marry my son! He is such a nice kid." Hahaha!! Lori breaking hearts up!

  2. I know, Amanda, I admire the Americans' sense of humor. And I replied, "of course I would love to have tea with your son." See, I've decided to stop being a heart-breaker. I think it would be fun if we did.

    And, you, camera-shy? I have a hard time believing it.