Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Married men need not apply

There is nothing more insulting than being an object of fantasy for a married man, and being told of that to the face. Integrity is what makes who I am and no one should ever test that. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish for these obnoxious people to stay away from me forever.


  1. Whoa!! A married guy told you that?! What a jerk... Tell him to back off, Lori! Those guys can be married, but dangerous. Or you can become his wife's best friend and make her see what kind of animal she chose to marry.

  2. I know, Amanda, I was so upsest that my stomach hurt for two days. I am sure that I wasn't the only one who had this unpleasant experience. What was even more upsetting was that he asked for me to "help" him. That made me want to vomit!

    But I know it was his problem and I have not done anything wrong.

    I try not to think about it but it has been very upsetting.

    I always think what makes people different from other animals is our ability to be educated to perform noble and socially acceptable acts. This man is dirty in and out because he infringed upon my basic right to be respected.

    I wish he vanishes from my sight forever.

  3. Bad situation all around. I don't agree with letting the wife know. Unless she already suspects this about her husband, she's not going to believe your word over his.

    I've seen it before, and it's just not worth sticking your head in. She'll find out soon enough if he's doing stupid things like this.

  4. Jeff, thank you for your support. No, I wouldn't do anything on it other than letting him know subtly that he offended me and I do not appreciate what has done.